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Technology Lawyer for Startups

Who better to advise your startup or SME on a tech related transaction than a technology lawyer with over 2 decades IT experience?

Most startups these days are tech oriented. Those that are not are engaging with tech businesses and using technology to increase productivity, deliver their products or provide their services. Let’s face it, almost all businesses today are tech oriented or should be.

So when you are getting started and seeking a lawyer to guide you through the startup and scaleup phases why not choose a Technology Lawyer for Startups who worked as an IT consultant for over a decade as a programmer, business analyst and software project manager. Throw in qualifications in science, accounting, business and corporate governance and you have an allrounder with a niche skill set.

How do you know if you have a real Technology Lawyer for Startups?

The proof is in the name, IT and Startup Lawyers, but wait there’s more!

Other than our business name there are other factors which you may wish to consider. These include:

Australian Lawyer

Law Degree (with first class honors). Practical Legal training. Admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. Supervised legal practice. Practice management course. Regulatory hurdles overcome.


Real IT Domain Experience

Worked as a data modelling project for CSIRO Tropical Agriculture coding in C++ (that is pre 2000 AgTech); moved into IT support for Shop-a-Docket an SME, do they still exist; started implementing ERP systems globally, first as a developer then business analyst then project manager; worked in website development and content creation while putting himself through a law degree and finally become a dedicated Technology Lawyer for Startups.


Application of Technology to our practise

We implemented our practice management system and accounting software ourselves. We build our own websites, apply our own search engine optimisation and manage our websites (with a little help from our creative friends). We use programmatic logic and variables to reduce the cost of producing common legal documents. We are always on the lookout for new legal tech and we built all our desktops ourselves. We broke heaps of things in the process and recovered fast.


Appropriate qualifications

Along with qualifications in law, business, accounting, science and governance our legal practice director has post graduate qualifications in IT. He has completed training in Prince 2 and, as for the number of short IT courses he has undertaken, he lost track of them years ago.


Part of the tech community

Where would you expect to find a Brisbane based Technology Lawyer for Startups? Where else but the innovative heart of Brisbane. We are a proud member of River City Labs community and strong advocates for the brilliant services they make available. IT and Startup Lawyers take their place humbly among brilliant and inspirational tech startup founders. You didn’t think we were going to say an ivory tower on Eagle or George Street did you?


How does having multidisciplinary lawyers help you?

The benefits for your business are substantial, and apply whether or not you are a tech startup.

When you engage with Startup Lawyers Brisbane you benefit from having a multidisciplinary lawyer on tap:

Speaking your language: A Technology Lawyer for Startups who understands business and accounting means you have someone to discuss the broader business concepts with. Better yet you do not have to try and translate it into legalese so your lawyer can understand what you need. When you speak to a multidisciplinary lawyer the is a reduced chance of important information being lost in translation. It is our job to understand your business and your legal requirements, not your job to break it down for us.

New law new tech: Make no doubt, we are making use of every piece of tech we can utilise to improve our operating efficiency.  We have our systems which apply programmatic logic and variables to improve our drafting efficiency. If someone else has the tech which can help out our clients, we will seek it out and make use of it. For many a new business this may be taken for granted but there are still lawyers out there using citrix to access their servers and dictating for their typists.

Where do you find a Technology Lawyer for Startups?

We base ourselves in the trenches with other tech entrepreneurs and startups.

Come and visit us at River City Labs in Fortitude Valley Brisbane. Set in The Precinct River City Labs has neighbours who include the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, CSIRO’s Data 61 and a number of venture capitalists, grant consultants and an amazing array of tech entrepreneurs. Furthermore, both the Precinct and River City Labs are two of the most active venues for the startup community in Brisbane and are hosts of regular pitch nights.

We know tech.

All businesses today are running some form of tech. In fact, tech businesses are the fastest growing sector in the startup ecosystem. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably engaging with businesses who are. If you are not you should be. Speak to a commercial lawyer with years of IT domain experience to help you navigate your IP and IT legal requirements.

We know business.

Need a practical business lawyer, with IT, business, governance and accounting qualifications? One who spent over a decade running their own small business? The sort of commercial lawyer that can understand your business, your technology and your needs without you having to explain it in legal terms? Contact us today and speak to a multi-disciplinary commercial lawyer about your legal needs.

Startup Lawyers Brisbane are proud to be based in the innovative heart of Brisbane.

Claim your 15 minute free and obligation free initial meeting or phone call. Yes sometimes they run a little longer.

Looking for a real Technology Lawyer for Startups?

Contact us today to talk about your next tech startup or tech-oriented transaction.

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