Startup Lawyers Brisbane
Multidisciplinary lawyers with experience and qualifications across science, IT, business, accounting and law.

Starting, operating and scaling up a business can be challenging. Startup Lawyers Brisbane is there to assist every step of the way. Our Principal Lawyer, Michael Barber, has experience starting up and operating multiple businesses, has qualifications across IT, business and law and regularly advises endeavours, board members and business owners across a range of legal, compliance and risk issues facing their businesses.

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Startup Lawyers Brisbane

Looking for a lawyer to provide practical real world advice?

Startup Lawyers Brisbane are trusted advisors to business owners and entrepreneurs across a range of industries. We help create the right business structure, provide expert legal advice and draft high quality easy to read legal documents for both startups and small to medium enterprises in their scale up phase. Speak to a lawyer who has over a decade experience running businesses, has a broad range of industry experience and is designated as a risk and governance professional.

With experience and qualifications that transverse law, science, IT, business, accounting and governance you will receive practical, real world, advice from people with a diverse and multidisciplinary skill set.

We know tech.

These days every business is using technology for something. Startup Lawyers Brisbane forms part of the IT and Startup Lawyers company who provide expert technology law advice to startups and small to medium enterprises engaging in technology-based transactions.

We know business.

Our staff have real business experience. Our principal has operated multiple small businesses and has worked with everything from bootstrapping startups to multinational banks. He has spent 2 decades in professional services working across many industries.

We work differently.

Our focus is to remain lean, make good use of technology and pass on the savings to you. We are project oriented, not billable hour focused which means we endeavour to offer fixed fee services wherever possible and deliver your contracts, and relevant advice, in line with your projects.

Lawyer, governance and risk professional, consultant, project manager, company secretary and managing director.

Speak to a lawyer with real world business and commercial experience.

Commercial Law Services

Let Startup Lawyers Brisbane help you contract fairly and wisely with your valuable business partners.

The lifeblood of a healthy business is its commercial transactions. Those transactions are expressed in the form of contracts and deeds. The better quality your legal documents are, the less likely you are to end up in a legal dispute or miscommunicating obligations and damaging a business relationship. If you do end up in court, quality contracts will likely help to narrow the issues in dispute saving you both time and money.

Whether you are contracting with suppliers, customers, business partners or related entities we can prepare a suitable agreement which accurately reflects the intention, obligations and liabilities of each party. Better yet because we take a multidisciplinary approach, we can prepare documents which tech professionals, business people and lawyers alike can clearly understand.

Contracts are at the very heart of the work Startup Lawyers Brisbane undertakes. If you need assistance with a commercial contract you have received, contact us. Remember it is not just the contents of the contract which is important but what has been omitted.

As lawyer and Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, our principal can advise across the practical and legal aspects of corporate governance.

Risk, compliance and governance. All the boring stuff you want us to worry about for you!

Corporate Law Services

Startup Lawyers Brisbane advises owners and entrepreneurs through the startup and scale up phases of their venture.

If you are in a startup phase, contact Startup Lawyers Brisbane to discuss which business structure is right for you. We can then assist putting that structure in place. We take a forward-thinking approach to ensuring we help you implement a structure which provides the necessary protection for both owners and assets.

When you are in the scale up phase it is easy to deprioritise regulation and governance, but it will catch up on you. Contact us for a legal health check or assistance with compliance. When you are ready to bring on board new investors, we can assist with shareholder agreements, share allocations and a range of corporate secretarial duties.

Our legal practice director, Michael Barber is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and is a Chartered Secretary. He has over a decade experience sitting on boards and functioning as a company secretary.

Speak to a law firm with lawyers having decades of experience in IT and tech.

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Technology Law Services

Startup Lawyers Brisbane have deep technology domain experience, with staff who have worked on dozens of IT projects globally.

Whether you’re a startup, SME or inhouse counsel if you are engaging in technology-based transactions, speak to a specialist with real IT experience and visit our dedicated IT Lawyers Brisbane site. We can set you up with a real Technology Lawyer who can talk OLE DB connections, APIs, Domain Disputes and more.

Being part of the same group as IT Lawyers Brisbane, we are deeply connected with both tech startups and other enterprises consuming technology related products and services. This keeps us current and up to date with the changing technology landscape.

Contact us and you can speak with a lawyer who used to be a programmer, business analyst and software project manager. Technology domain experience doesn’t come much deeper than that among our legal peers.

Startup Lawyers Brisbane are ready to assist you with all your
legal requirements.

Technology, commercial and corporate lawyers, servicing the startup community and small and medium size businesses who are looking to scale up.

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