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We offer practical real-world advice to startups and scaleups across technology, commercial and corporate law.

Commercial lawyers need to have a solid understanding of all facets of business for which a contract may be required. When you engage Startup Lawyers Brisbane you can speak with a lawyer who has experience and qualifications across IT, business, accounting, governance and law.

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As multidisciplinary lawyers we take pride in our diverse domain knowledge. It helps us understand your business.

It is our position that as the legal service provider we should take responsibility for ensuring we understand your business needs and apply that to the law. We don’t expect you to spell it out in legalese so we can understand it. That is, we should speak to you on your terms, we do not expect you to speak to us on ours.

Our principal, prior to law, worked in management consulting across a wide range of industries including IT, government, banking and finance, business services, education, manufacturing, science and agriculture. Predominantly this work involved business process re-engineering and implementing technology to support that process.

As a result, we are coming to you with a wide range of experience to draw upon. Our ability to understand and converse across multiple industries and disciplines improves the efficiency and quality of our services.

But most importantly our background enables us to effectively communicate on your terms.

Practical and legal advice

Startup Lawyers Brisbane can assist you with risk identification, compliance and the development of positive business relationships.

Business Success

Success in business stems from the quality of the interactions you have with your customers and business associates. Startup Lawyers Brisbane hold to the maxim, ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbours’. From a business transaction perspective this means make sure you have quality legal documents.

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Regulatory compliance is faced by every business large or small. The most common fields of law which our clients must contend with, from a compliance perspective, are the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). These acts dictate the obligations imposed on companies and the way in which businesses engage with society, respectively.

These legislative instruments only form part of the compliance ecosystem. When businesses enter into contractual relations with other entities those contracts impose further obligations on both parties. Often the compliance issues include obligations of confidentiality and privacy but may extend to any number of topics.

Importantly, if you are contracting predominantly with a few large businesses or the government, your revenue stream may be dependent on compliance with contractual obligations.  Understanding the full scope of your compliance obligations, both regulatory and contractual, is important.

Risk and Governance

Technical and operation skills alone do not create a well rounded professional. It is critical business owners and the professionals who advise them can stand back and look objectively at the risks which face a business, then apply suitable treatments to manage risk within the entity’s tolerance limits.

Startup Lawyers Brisbane is led by, Michael Barber, an Australian Lawyer, a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, a Risk and Governance professional and a Chartered Secretary. He advises boards, corporate secretaries, entrepreneurs and business owners across a wide array of risk and governance issues.

When it comes to corporate governance, it is important to recognise there is more to do than just overcome the regulatory hurdles. Without proper governance business value can be eroded by reputational risk, poor record keeping and failure to anticipate the evolving industry. If you have an exit strategy which involves selling some or all of your business, make sure you will pass due diligence with flying colours if you want to retain its maximum value.

Startup Lawyers Brisbane are for commercial growth not litigation

As commercial lawyers we aim to help you build long term mutually beneficial relationships with your business partners.

The economics of comparative advantage and firm theory inform the approach we take to both interacting with our clients and helping them develop better relationships with their business associates and partners.

Comparative advantage

It is fairly clear that trade generates value. If I can draft legal documents faster and better than you and you can prepare marketing material faster and better than me, then we can swap legal services for marketing services and we are both more profitable. It is this reason businesses (and countries) engage with each other.

Firm theory

However, the reason why firms exist is so they can control the resources they need and reduce transaction costs. As such the two theories interact to form an equilibrium somewhere between trading goods and services and doing everything yourself.

The role of Startup Lawyers Brisbane

We aim to reduce the transaction costs of separate entities entering into transactions. We do this by starting from the assumption that the entity you are going to do business with is going to be a long-term business partner. The hypothesis here is, a long-term business partner reduces the risk of the transaction (i.e. reduces the transaction cost) and increasingly develops a competitive advantage so the costs of goods and services are reduced.

Startup Lawyers Brisbane help you to develop positive contractual relationships, so you have, long-term, mutually beneficial engagements with your business partners, customers and other associates.

We are not litigators, but we know who are

Business relationships and transactions do from time to time go astray. This is one of the reasons the courts exist. Bashing out the arguments requires a different mindset. We do not provide litigation services, but we know people who do. We won’t leave you stranded if something goes wrong. Come and talk to us and we will help you find a suitable litigation lawyer.

Key Legal Documents for Startups drafted by IT and Startup Lawyers draft include:

Non-disclosure Agreements

Before you present your idea or confidential information to a developer, investor or potential business partner, have IT and Startup lawyers draft you the right Non-disclosure Agreement.

Software Development Agreements

If you are engaging with a software developer or a developer yourself, we can draft the right Software Development Agreement for your business or tech project. Speak to an lawyer who used to be a programmer!

Services Agreements

Whether you are hiring freelances or consulting to clients, a well drafted Services Agreement can help ensure you maintain a positive relationship and deal appropriately with IP.

Intellectual Property Assignment

IP assignment deeds are a crucial tool which assist businesses create defensible Intellectual Property. Our IP lawyer can advise on how to protect and transfer your Intellectual Property.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Agreements are complex but essential documents which set out the expectations of, and obligations imposed on, each member of the company. If you are starting up with another person these documents are critical.

Privacy Policies

Privacy is an ever-evolving field and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how businesses use their personal information. While not legally required for all businesses (yet) Privacy Policies have certainly become expected.

Reseller Agreements

Reseller agreements set out the key terms imposed on those who resell your goods or services. However, care must be taken not to inadvertently create a franchise, which can be deemed to exist on the back of the obligations imposed.

Terms of Use

Whether you operate a website, mobile app, SaaS platform or basic e-commerce store, our technology lawyer can prepare the right terms and conditions for your startup or SME. Who better than an IT and Startup Lawyer!

We understand law doesn’t operate in a vacuum.

Startup Lawyers Brisbane can help you navigate the legal, commercial and economic realities from startup through scaleup.

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