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Commercial Lawyer for Startups and SMEs

Startup Lawyers Brisbane: Commercial Law for Startups

Michael Barber, our legal practice director, had over a decade experience running his own small businesses before coming to law. With the incorporation of Startup Lawyers Brisbane this is the third successful startup under his belt.

His experience running businesses, coupled with qualifications across law, corporate governance, IT, science, business and accounting makes him a valuable adviser to startups and small to medium size enterprises. However, we point out the quantitative trend in these qualifications, we are not the creative marketing type, we are the conservative back office advisors.

Furthermore, having worked as a consultant for around a decade, he has experience in many industries including, science, finance, retail, government, education, manufacturing, consulting and recruitment to name a few.

This combination of experience and qualifications means you have access to a suitably experienced and qualified Commercial Lawyer for Startups and SMEs ready to assist you. Even if you are the sole operator and owner, you are never flying solo.

What does a Commercial Lawyer for Startups do?

Startup Lawyers Brisbane provide a broad range of services to startups and small to medium size enterprises, which includes providing legal advice and drafting contracts.

We advise business owners on a range of commercial law matters including regulation and compliance, risk, commercial contracts, corporate law, intellectual property and selecting the right sort of operating structure for your needs.

Business structuring

Speak to our Commercial Lawyer for Startups about selecting the right business structure for you. While simplistically this is often framed as a choice between sole trader or company, the reality is startups, and particularly tech startups, may bring together a number of vehicles such as a trading company and IP holding company and a discretionary (family) trust to hold those shares.

In light of that statement, it’s a really good idea to touch base with us before you jump in too deep.

Commercial Contracts

Startups Lawyers Brisbane pride ourselves in being able to effectively communicate with techies, business people and lawyers alike. So, if you are looking for a commercial lawyer to review, explain or draft a commercial contract you have come to the right place.

With broad experience across a range of industries we can quickly come to terms with your business processes and related transactions and apply that knowledge to the interpretation of the commercial contracts you require or have received.

Contracts are not easy documents to read and harder still to recognise what has been omitted. If nothing else our Commercial Lawyer for Startups and SMEs are another set of eyes over your transaction. We are happy to review commercial contracts and explain them to you in plain English so you can contract with confidence.

Furthermore, with over a decade of technology domain experience who better to review a technology contract than a lawyer who has worked as a programmer, business analyst and project manager.

Intellectual Property Protection 

Defensible Intellectual Property may well represent the most valuable assets startups and SMEs have. From day one business owners should be implementing a strategy to ensure they register, own and/or have licences for their business-critical IP.

Startups and SMEs need to consider a range of intellectual property rights including those associated with trade marks, patents, designs and copyright. If you are not thinking about this from day one the value of your business may be jeopardised.

Contact Startup Lawyers Brisbane today and we can not only advise on the basics of your IP strategy but also help you with the right corporate structure to isolate your valuable IP from risky transactions.

Commercial Law Advice

No doubt every business owner is aware there is a plethora of legislation and government regulations (red tape) which applies to businesses trading in Australia. Two of the most common pieces of law which businesses are faced with are, the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). which embodies the Australian Consumer Law. However, we have advised on a wide range of compliance and regulatory matters both common to small business and unique to specific industries.

While the Corporations Act impacts the incorporation and governance of companies the Competition and Consumer Act has implications across a broad range of business operations. These include how your business contracts with consumers, the relationships with your business partners and how you promote your goods and services.

Visit our Corporate Lawyer for Startups page for further information about corporate law.

Following closely behind corporate and consumer law is privacy law. Privacy is an ever-developing area of law with increasingly global ramifications. Since the implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Australian businesses selling into the EU need to consider not only complying with the Australian Privacy Principles (which are set out in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) but also the GDPR. Startup Lawyers Brisbane regularly advise businesses on privacy laws including the obligations relating to the notifiable data breach scheme following data breaches and cyber security events.

Key Legal Documents for Startups drafted by IT and Startup Lawyers draft include:

Non-disclosure Agreements

Before you present your idea or confidential information to a developer, investor or potential business partner, have IT and Startup lawyers draft you the right Non-disclosure Agreement.

Software Development Agreements

If you are engaging with a software developer or a developer yourself, we can draft the right Software Development Agreement for your business or tech project. Speak to an lawyer who used to be a programmer!

Services Agreements

Whether you are hiring freelances or consulting to clients, a well drafted Services Agreement can help ensure you maintain a positive relationship and deal appropriately with IP.

Intellectual Property Assignment

IP assignment deeds are a crucial tool which assist businesses create defensible Intellectual Property. Our IP lawyer can advise on how to protect and transfer your Intellectual Property.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder Agreements are complex but essential documents which set out the expectations of, and obligations imposed on, each member of the company. If you are starting up with another person these documents are critical.

Privacy Policies

Privacy is an ever-evolving field and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about how businesses use their personal information. While not legally required for all businesses (yet) Privacy Policies have certainly become expected.

Reseller Agreements

Reseller agreements set out the key terms imposed on those who resell your goods or services. However, care must be taken not to inadvertently create a franchise, which can be deemed to exist on the back of the obligations imposed.

Terms of Use

Whether you operate a website, mobile app, SaaS platform or basic e-commerce store, our technology lawyer can prepare the right terms and conditions for your startup or SME. Who better than an IT and Startup Lawyer!

Law does not operate in a vacuum, neither do we.

Our Commercial Lawyer for Startups and SMEs can navigate the commercial and economic realities to provide you with practical legal advice and quality legal documents.

Contact us today for a no obligation discussion with a commercial lawyer for startups!

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