We are dedicated Startup Business Lawyers

We know you are busy and we know you are on a budget. We aim to provide efficient cost-effective services tailored for the stage of your business.

As Startup Business Lawyers, we work differently

Everyone says they work differently, right?

So, let’s start with some facts. We don’t have offices at Number 1 Waterfront Place, we don’t have fancy artwork in our offices and we certainly don’t have high administrative overheads.

What we do have is, cost effective cloud based systems, a principle who has implemented tech effectively both in our firm and for clients all over the world,  virtually a paperless office and we are based in River City Labs with other startups.

What this means is quite simple. We pass those cost savings on to you. What we don’t do is scrimp on quality.

Outcome oriented not billable focused

The quality of our performance is expressed in terms of customer satisfaction not billable hours.

Our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs with skin in the game. Around our circles the moto is ‘execution is everything’. We are here to help you execute.

Our Startup Business Lawyers focus on our client’s goals and provide timely and appropriately scaled legal solutions. Whether you are in the startup or scaleup stage of your business we can develop the right Legal Documents and deliver the right advice to help you overcome your next challenge and meet your compliance obligations.


By timely we mean, if you contact us in a timely fashion, we will include your requirements in our project management system to ensure we are able to deliver the services when you require them. We are not going to deliver or demand payment for your Terms of Use 6 months before your product goes live.

However, this means we need you to contact us early so we can work on parallel project plans. Not only do you then receive just in time services, but we will help you work out a legal budget (so you can plan your cashflow) and we can ensure you have the right business structure to protect your assets and IP.


By scaled we mean, our services are determined based on your budget and requirements. The legal documents businesses require on opening day (or go-live) are not the same as those that are required as the business begins to scale up and expand their offerings.

However, this means you need to trust us and speak openly about your financial limitations and the scope of your legal requirements. When you meet us, we think you will trust us. Remember we are a small business, like yours. We understand the risks, the stress, the weekend work, the doubts, the hopes, the successes and the disappointments.

Our focus

Our focus is on your needs and helping you kick your goals. Although, this is not purely altruistic. As Startup Business Lawyers, we know that when we focus on your needs and we help you achieve your goals, we will also achieve ours.

Our goal

Our goal is to be your trusted advisors for many years to come.

To be an effective Startup Business Lawyer, it requires more than just law

Our legal practice director is not just a lawyer. He holds tertiary qualifications in Business Administration, IT, Science, Accounting and Corporate Governance.

Our legal practice director is the lead Startup Business Lawyer and he is always available to talk to you about your business and legal requirements. He has run his own businesses for over a decade, including a lawn mowing business, IT consultancy and clearly a law firm.

Having worked globally as a management consultant, focused on business process reengineering through the implementation of information technology solutions, our lead Startup Business Lawyer has dealt with a great number of challenges businesses face on a day to day basis.

By adding law to his repertoire (which was followed up with qualifications in corporate governance), he has now married together the three core disciplines of IT, Business and Law.  He applies these core disciplines from a technical, operational and governance perspective.

Fixed fee services wherever possible

Wherever possible our Startup Business Lawyers aim to provide you with fixed fee services so that you can budget with confidence

By applying years of business experience, gained working across a wide range of industries, we are well positioned to communicate on your level and understand your transactions.  It is our default position that we draft Legal Documents for Startups for fixed fees.

There are circumstances where we cannot predetermine the cost of legal work or where the scope is not sufficiently defined. In those cases, we provide you realistic estimates and aim for the bottom of that estimate.

It’s like having your own inhouse counsel

Our Startup Business Lawyers act like your own inhouse counsel. We can even help you find the niche legal services you require, if we do not have them ourselves.

The best thing about working with Startup Lawyers Brisbane is, as you will come to learn when you work with us, that you gain a trusted professional advisor. Finding that trusted professional is half the battle won.

It is important to us to ensure all of our clients are well looked after. For this reason, we spend time seeking out lawyers and other professionals with a niche skill set. When you engage with our Startup Business Lawyers you also gain access to our ever-growing professional network.

Having dealt with lawyers longer than I have been one, I know how to manage them to get the best outcome.” – Michael Barber, Legal Practice Director.

We know tech.

All businesses today are running some form of tech. In fact, tech businesses are the fastest growing sector in the startup ecosystem. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably engaging with businesses who are. If you are not you should be. Speak to a commercial lawyer with years of IT domain experience to help you navigate your IP and IT legal requirements.

We know business.

Need a practical business lawyer, with IT, business, governance and accounting qualifications? One who spent over a decade running their own small business? The sort of commercial lawyer that can understand your business, your technology and your needs without you having to explain it in legal terms? Contact us today and speak to a multi-disciplinary commercial lawyer about your legal needs.

What makes good Startup Business Lawyers?

Many law firms are introducing startup streams. Our point of difference is real experience running startups, gained pre-law, and the tertiary qualifications to support that experience.

Are you looking for a trusted legal advisor?

Every business owner and entrepreneur know they can’t do everything. As Startup Business Lawyers we can provide expert legal advice, corporate secretarial services and draft quality legal documents. All the fun stuff!

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