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Hello from the Startup Lawyers Brisbane Team!

The Startup Lawyers Brisbane team do things a little differently...

The Startup Lawyers Brisbane team are intentionally composed of a unique group of individuals who have a wide-range of experiences who can add value to our clients beyond just their legal expertise.

We’re not here to meet billable hours like other law firms, we're here to support our clients and make it easier on them to focus on building successful businesses!

The Startup Lawyers Brisbane team may be small, but that's so our clients can benefit from a firm that has an intimate knowledge of their business requirements.

Legal Team

Michael Barber

BSc, Grad Dip IT, Grad Cert Bus Admin, Grad Dip ACG, MAcct, LLB(Hons), GDLP, MQLS, FGIA.

Legal Practice Director

Michael Barber - Brisbane Startup Lawyer

Michael (Mick) is a multi-disciplinary professional with qualifications across IT, law, science, accounting, business and corporate governance. His career has seen him perform as a programmer, business analyst, project manager and more recently as a lawyer specialising in technology, commercial and corporate law.

His multifaceted approach and qualifications extends his capacity to service his clients by bridging the gap between business, technology and law. Michael is also a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, being professionally designated as a Risk and Governance Professional, and also a Chartered Secretary.

Emily Price


Technology, Commercial and Corporate Lawyer

Emily Price - Brisbane Startup Lawyer

Emily has a passion for innovation and is driven to create efficient and effective solutions for her clients and help foster the growth and strength of Australian startups.

She has a varied background both in her professional and extra-curricular experiences. From having held held a number of management roles in the not-for-profit and run a social enterprise and also having worked in the tech industry and government. Additionally, being Japanese-Australian and having lived in both countries, allows her to appreciate and navigate cross-cultural differences and communications.

With a combined 5 years experience in sales and marketing and having written her honours thesis on AI and law, she bring a unique knowledge-base and understanding to her clients' commercial needs and technical complexities.

Governance and Administration Team

Fiona Boyle

Operations Director

Fiona Boyle - Brisbane Startup Lawyers Team

Fiona has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare sector working for various pharmacy groups where she developed a deep understanding of the importance of good communication skills and patience. Fiona is heavily involved in the daily operations of the firm, filling operational gaps in the Startup Lawyers Team by working across accounting, marketing, human resource management and customer service. In addition to business administration, Fiona plays a crucial role in governance, compliance and risk management within the firm.

Fiona also serves the important role of client satisfaction and encourages you to provide any feedback about the Startup Lawyers Brisbane team directly to her.

From the Startup Lawyers Brisbane Team

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us and we can't wait to work with you!

We know tech.

All businesses today are running some form of tech. In fact, tech businesses are the fastest growing sector in the startup ecosystem. Even if you are not on the cutting edge of innovation you are probably engaging with businesses who are. If you are not you should be. Speak to a commercial lawyer with years of IT domain experience to help you navigate your IP and IT legal requirements.

We know business.

Need a practical business lawyer, with IT, business, governance and accounting qualifications? One who spent over a decade running their own small business? The sort of commercial lawyer that can understand your business, your technology and your needs without you having to explain it in legal terms? Contact us today and speak to a multi-disciplinary commercial lawyer about your legal needs.

Startup Lawyers are proud to be based in the innovative heart of Brisbane.

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